An introduction to the FelstormEdit

The Felstorm (Pronounced "Hell-Storm") is a family in Azeroth that has existed since the first war. The Felstorm throughout these times have both incurred wrath and caused great deeds for several communities of Azeroth. However, a Felstorm rarely shows his face now-a-days and if you do see a Felstorm, it is likely a corrupt one and if you approach him, he will definitely kill you on the spot or at least plan to demise you later on. The main locations a Felstorm can be seen are: The Netherstorm, any of the capital cities, The great planes and Auchindoun. Any other where-a-bouts they may be at could be part of one of their schemes or assisting the community there.

The oldest known Felstorm is Lucien Tyler Felstorm whom is now dead, and living happily among his grave in the Western Plaguelands. The youngest known Felstorm is Lucien James Felstorm, however he is not considered a Felstorm as he is not known to the rest of his supposed 'Family' nor have they ever met him. There is little doubt that he isn't one. It is also worth noting that twenty years before the current Felstorms appearance, Lucien En'kirah Felstorm's son went missing. Whether this is or not a coincidence is unknown.


The Felstorm were once a proud sect of Family in the first war until Lucien Tyler Felstorm's son went missing. It is believed that he was last seen on a caravan with Necromancers and the scourge, what he was doing is unknown. This is only a rumor as all records of Lucien Tyler Felstorm's son were burnt, they were found in the deep ventures of what is now known as Plaguewood. After the dissapearence of Lucien's son, the Felstorm family was forever turned around.


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