Announcement Edit

/4 <THE EMPIRE> is recruiting back into its ranks. ALL (playable) races welcome, all classes! Strictly RP guild, no god modders, or lore ruiners. RP names only. Lore name = Instant phase ban. Phase 209 - MUST HAVE PATCH-D (go Patch).

Questions Edit

Ask all recruits these questions before joining them. Make sure they use good grammar and show their ability to roleplay.

Pre-Quiz Edit

((Do you speak English!?))

Question 1 - Roleplay Edit

What makes you worthy to join the Empire?

Question 2 - Role Edit

What skills and abilities do you have to offer the Empire?

Question 3 - Loyalty Edit

Do you swear to follow the laws and rules of the Empire?

Question 4 - Promotions Edit

Do you swear to never ever ask for promotions?

Question 5 - RP behavior Edit

((Do you swear not to modify your size/scale, your speed or use morphs (excluding shaman and druid) and visual spell effects in the guild area?))

Question 6 - Uniforms Edit

Do you swear to wear uniforms while on duty? ((while off duty, your character can be in guild phase just not in uniform))

For more information see Empire Uniform Rules

Question 7 - Website Edit

Visit, and make an account on the WIKI that we use:

((Do you swear, after invitation to go examine the RULES section on the website that will be in the Message of the Day?))

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