The Empire Guild is the Empire in RP.

Recruitment QuestionsEdit

see: The Empire Recruitment Questions

Guild RulesEdit

  • No modding scale, size or using morphs, unless using them to build.
  • No cheats such as flying, unless using them to build.
  • Generally accepted that while in phase and in guild areas, it is presume to be IC / In character.
  • Using general RP rules, such as in character at all times, not knowing what people say or what their names are unless they introduce themselves to you.
  • Keep the effect auras to a minimum unless it is in character and for a purpose.
  • Do not intrude or interrupt other RPs in other phases. You have the guild name on your character, don't ruin the guild's reputation.
  • Respect other people's guild phase lands. That is considered private property and you would not normally enter private property without consequences.

Guild RanksEdit

see: Imperial Ranks

Who sits where?Edit

Normally there are many thrones usually in semi-circular areas. Who sits where?

This is decided by those who are present. If there are 5 thrones and only 4 people present, then all 4 can sit in the thrones. As soon as someone of superior ranking arrives, the person of lowest rank must move farther.

This also works for who sits closest to the Emperor's throne. The person who can sit closest, always no the right side, is the second highest ranking person who is present. The next highest takes the seat on the left and so on and so forth. If both people are of equal ranking, then whoever joined first will get superiority.

Titles and AddressEdit

see also: Imperial Ranks

As listed in the Imperial Ranks, there are specific titles and methods on how to address who. Depending on what position they occupy, what faction, then it changes. It is customary to address a person proper to their rank. Though "my lord" is a common form of address it is not proper to all ranks and should not be considered a "standard" form of address.


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