Feron Il'Alar

The Elrdonian elves control vast areas, harsch wastelands that are completely dark at night. As the elves of Elrdon started stretching their territories, journeys through these empty plains became necessary. The solution to guide travelers came in the form of lighthouses. Instead of guiding ships, they guided wanderers and the army around the nation. Close to all lighthouses were built during the reign of King Vestarion the Second, the one who beat down the Naga invasion of Elrdon. He saw the need for guidance as travelers were forced to wander the plains in complete darkness, and ordered that towers with lights on top were to be built across the plains. The towers were operated either by volunteers in times of distress, or the army when peace

ScreenShot 110610 120428

The Lighthouse on top of the Elrdon Royal Castle

reigned. Although nearly every lighthouse is very tall, and has several lights that only light in one direction, the five newest ones have rotating beams of light. All five are built during the Ildrathonian era, named Ildrathonian Era since all regents were named Ildrathil during that time, and are seen as a new peak in building throughout the nation. Queen Ildrathil Duskingdown herself always loved sitting on top of the lighthouse on the castle roof, the only one penetrating the arcane dome protecting the Capital City.

The second largest lighthouse right after the castle one is Feron Il'Alar, or 'The Last Monument'. As not many have seen it, only half as many knows that it is a lighthouse originally built to show the way to the coast, instead of guiding ships away from it.

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