Melody Sophia
Melody Sophia Amaranth


<Sun Princess>










Order of the Shining Sun


Princess; Knight


Alive; Unmarried


Sun Lord Tensu Amaranth (father)

Melody Sophia Amaranth was born on the first day of the new year, which everyone considered to be a good sign; for her parents, a joy, for the people even more so, as she was their new princess, the daughter of the Sun-King.
However, the joy brought by the birth of the beautiful blue-eyed baby was shadowed by the death of her mother as, with her last, dying breath, she whispered her daughter's name: Melody Sophia. She loved music, and she would always sing a song while stroking her belly, calming down the still unborn baby.. and Sophia.. was her name.
Heart-broken, torn between the sorrow brought by the loss of his still young queen and the joy that came with the birth of his daughter, the King made a vow to his beloved wife: that all the love he had for her was to be given to the little girl.

Just by looking in little Melody's deep blue eyes, he could see the innocent soul that lied beyond; Melody had her father's eyes, but her long, flowing, chestnut hair, her skin, the beautiful smile and the grace, all belonged to her mother, it was as if Sophia never left her husband and her daughter.

Melody grew up happy and healthy, surrounded by love and friends, her cheerful attitude, her innocence and her energy bringing joy everywhere she was. Despite the little trouble she was causing from time to time, her father's eyes still blazed with love for her, as she seemed to be the only reason that brought a smile to his face.

She looked like her mother, but inside, her heart had two sides: one, was the love and kindness of her mother and the other, the devotion, courage and strength of her father. For her, he was her hero, a model, and ever since she could deag a sword after her, scratching the castle's floors, she wished to become a Knight, to serve and protect the Kingdom she and her father loved so much.

Thus, when she was only eight years old, her father took the difficult, but necessary decission to send her to an aged but wise Knight to train her.. Melody was gone for ten years.
These ten years, it seemed like all the joy and happiness left the castle with the girl, her father buried himself under scrolls and books, working from day to night, reading the letters they were exchanging every now and then over and over again.

Melody trained, becoming strong and she was blessed with the Light, just like her father was. Returning as a Knight after ten years, she vowed in front of her father that she would fight, with heart and sword, for their beloved Kingdom, forever.

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