Marau Snow-step
Marau Snow-step was born twenty eight some years ago. A brother of Garonn and Ta'u, he lived with them for the first seven years of his life. His father sent him to winterspring, at age seven. He was trained for combat up there in the harsh climate. Yearning to go home, he requested it meny a time. With no success, he lived there till age twenty. When he left he stopped in Orgrimmar a horde officer stoped him thinking he was a troop to be sent to northrend. Soonafter he was on a boat to Northrend. Fighting in northrend for a few odd ears he escaped on a cargo boat. Fleeing the horde soldiers he would up on Jaguero Island after crashing his boat in the middle of the night. He walked the island a short time before spotting another tauren, appon closer inspection, it was his brother. He soon after joined the tribe and now thrives to get into beserker class with his brothers.