Sprocketeers in three uniform variants

The Imperial Sprocketeers are the chief engineering and inventor's guild for the Empire. They also have a close working relationship with the Imperial Masters since both organizations are Gnome dominated, the latter being exclusive.

The Imperial Sprocketeers are engineering geniuses from Gnomeregan. They are a faction of Gnomes within the Empire who remained loyal to the Imperial Emperor despite the liberation of Gnomeregan.

The Sprocketeers have almost vast resources given to them by the Imperial Emperors to come up with inventions and so far the Sprocketeers have provided the Empire with better plumbing systems, steam and arcane engines, repaired the Manaforges and of course war machines for conquest and defense.

The Sprocketeers are also formidable fighters when it comes to their engineering of weapons, in particular the Yimobot project which produced automated defensive combat drones for the Empire, the Yimobot, and to a lesser extent, the Serv-Bot.


Under the Imperial Heirarchy, the Grand Architect is the head of the Imperial Sprocketeers, which is a position held by Grand Minister Yimo. This puts him in a dual leadership position. The Sprocketeers are dominated by Gnomes, though they openly accept other races. The Imperial Masters are exclusively a gnomish organization and thus they work hand in hand with the Sprocketeers. Under Grand Minister Yimo the two organizations though separate are still closely linked.