Decrees are direct appointments by superiors. When it comes to decrees, they are issued in terms of orders from higher positions. Technically every superior can promote an inferior, but that usually depends on the context of the appoinment.

  • Imperial Decree - Direct from the Emperor, or his highest officials in his name. Imperial Decrees are of the highest precedence and cannot be overturned by any other decree.
  • Holy Decree - Direct from the Vicarian, or his highest officials in his name. Only the Imperial Church or the Emperor can issue Holy Decrees.
  • Civil Decree - A government ordered decree, usually from the Prime Minister in the name of the Emperor on civil matters.
  • Military Decree - A decree issued by Civil Authorities or Military Authorities as a matter of military concern.

Conventional RanksEdit

Conventional Ranks are regulated by the individual ranks of the person holding it. They are relatively clear cut in who holds what rank.

Nobility RankEdit

Nobility, or secular Rankings are those of nobility. Nobility can be achieved by anyone, and is not necessarily a birthright, though being born into nobility can greatly increase one's chances of obtaining status and higher ranking. The highest noble rank is that of the Archduke and Archduchess before it enters the Royal ranks.

Ranks of the Nobility
Rank Title Style of Address Address of Name Landform / Residence Appointment
1.Archduke/Archduchess Your Grace The Archduke/Archduchess <Name>None designatedImperial Decree
2.Duke/Duchess Your GraceThe Duke/Duchess <Name>DuchyImperial Decree
3.Count/Countess Your Lordship/LadyshipThe Count/Countess <Name>Coutndom Imperial Decree
4.Baron/Baroness Your Lordship/LadyshipThe Baron/Baroness <Name>FeifdomImperial Decree
5.Lord/Lady Your Lordship/LadyshipLord/Lady <Name>EstateCivil Decree
6.Knight Sir/LadySir <Name>, Lady <Name>ManorCivil Decree
7.Gentryman/GentrywomanNoneNoneHouseCivil Decree
8.Commoner NoneNoneNone designatedHereditary

Ranks of the Imperial ChurchEdit

Ranks of the Imperial Church
Rank Title Style of Address Residence and Office Appointment
1.Vicarian Your HolinessTemple of LightElection
2.Cardinal Your EminenceCathedralHoly Decree
3.Archbishop Your GraceCathedralHoly Decree
4.Bishop Your GraceCathedralHoly Decree
5.Prelate Reverend / Reverend MotherAbbeyHoly Decree
6.Priest/Priestess Father/MotherChapelHoly Decree
7.Abbot/Mother Superior Mon Signor <name> / Mother SuperiorNone designatedHoly Decree
8.Monk/Nun Brother <Name> Sister <name> / Mother SuperiorNone designatedHoly Decree

Ranks of the Imperial ArmyEdit

Ranks of the Imperial Army
Rank Title Style of Address Residence and Office Appointment
1.Grand Marshal NoneNoneMilitary Decree
2.Field Marshal NoneNoneMilitary Decree
3.Marshal NoneNoneMilitary Decree
4.Commander NoneNoneMilitary Decree
5.Centurion NoneNoneMilitary Decree
6.Legionnaire NoneNoneMilitary Decree
7.Sergeant NoneNoneMilitary Decree
8.Private NoneNoneMilitary Decree

Ranks of the Imperial MastersEdit

Ranks of the Imperial Masters
Rank Title Style of Address Residence and Office Appointment
1.Grand Master NoneNoneImperial Decree
2.Chancellor Master NoneNoneImperial Decree
3.High Master NoneNoneImperial Decree
4.Guardian Master NoneNoneImperial Decree
5.Legate Master NoneNoneImperial Decree
6.Loyalist Master NoneNoneImperial Decree

Ranks of the GladeEdit

Ranks of the Glade
Rank Title Style of Address Residence and Office Appointment
1.Grand Gaian NoneNoneMilitary Decree
2.Guardian NoneNoneMilitary Decree
3.SentinelNoneNoneMilitary Decree
4.WardenNoneNoneMilitary Decree
5.ElementalistNoneNoneMilitary Decree
6.MenderNoneNoneMilitary Decree
7.ProtectorNoneNoneMilitary Decree
8.SeekerNoneNoneMilitary Decree

Ranks of the ShadowEdit

Ranks of the Shadow
Rank Title Style of Address Residence and Office Appointment
1.ShadowlordNoneNoneMilitary Decree
2.ShadowmasterNoneNoneMilitary Decree
3.Dark ProphetNoneNoneMilitary Decree
4.ShadowsageNoneNoneMilitary Decree
5.Shadow ReaverNoneNoneMilitary Decree
6.Dark CallerNoneNoneMilitary Decree
7.Dark OutcastNoneNoneMilitary Decree
8.NeophyteNoneNoneMilitary Decree

Ranks of the SagesEdit

Ranks of the Sages
Rank Title Style of Address Residence and Office Appointment
1.Grand MagisterNoneNoneMilitary Decree
2.High ArcanistNoneNoneMilitary Decree
3.ArchmageNoneNoneMilitary Decree
4.SorcerorNoneNoneMilitary Decree
5.WizardNoneNoneMilitary Decree
6.MagisterNoneNoneMilitary Decree
7.ConjurorNoneNoneMilitary Decree
8.ArcanistNoneNoneMilitary Decree

Ranks of the Imperial GuardEdit

Ranks of the Imperial Guard
Rank Title Style of Address Residence and Office Appointment
1.Supreme CommanderNoneNoneMilitary Decree
2.Chief GeneralNoneNoneMilitary Decree
3.Imperial CenturionNoneNoneMilitary Decree
4.Imperial CommanderNoneNoneMilitary Decree
5.Imperial CaptainNoneNoneMilitary Decree
6.Imperial KnightNoneNoneMilitary Decree
7.Blood KnightNoneNoneMilitary Decree
8.Blood GuardNoneNoneMilitary Decree

Ranks of the SprocketsEdit

Ranks of the Sprocket
Rank Title Style of Address Residence and Office Appointment
1.Grand ArchitectNoneNoneMilitary Decree
2.Chief ArchitectNoneNoneMilitary Decree
3.DirectorNoneNoneMilitary Decree
4.Chief EngineerNoneNoneMilitary Decree
5.TinkererNoneNoneMilitary Decree
6.TechnocratNoneNoneMilitary Decree
7.EngineerNoneNoneMilitary Decree
8.TechnicianNoneNoneMilitary Decree

Honorary RanksEdit

Honorary Ranks are not distributed as conventional ranks. They can be appointed at the will of the Emperor, and their precedence does not necessarily dictate their rank.

Imperial Council ranksEdit

Honorary Ranks
Precedence Name Style of Address Address of Name Landform / Residence Appointment
1.Shadowlord ShadowlordShadowlord <Name>SanctumImperial Decree
2.Arch-Druid Arch-DruidLord / Lady <Name>Druidic TowerImperial Decree
3.Arch-Magister Supremor <Name>Supremor <Name>SanctumImperial Decree
4.ViceroyYour ExcellencyViceroy <Name>ViceroyaltyImperial Decree
5.Overseer OverseerLord/Lady <Name>LodgeImperial Decree
6.MagistrateYour ExcellencyMagistrate <Name>SanctumImperial Decree

Government RanksEdit

Ranks of the Government
Precedence Name Style of Address Address of Name Landform / Residence Appointment
1.Prime Minister Prime MinisterPrime Minister <Name>Isle of Quel'DanasImperial Decree
2.Grand Master Your ExcellencyGrand Master <Name>Sunstrider TowerImperial Decree
3.Imperial Advisor Your ExcellencyAdvisor <Name>No official residenceImperial Decree
4.AmbassadorYour ExcellencyAmbassador <Name>Embassy in Foreign NationImperial Decree
5.High Councilor High CouncilorHigh Councilor <Name>or Councilor <Name>NoneCivil Decree
6.Senator SenatorSenator <Name>NoneCivil Decree

Royal RankEdit

Royal Ranks are only those of the Royal Family, these are rarely ever appointed but when they are they are the most influential and powerful positions, outside of the Government ranks.

Royal Ranks
Precedence Title Style of Address Landform / Residence Appointment
1.Imperial Emperor Your Imperial MajestySunwell PalaceImperial Decree
2.Co-Emperor Your Royal MajestySunfury SpireImperial Decree
3.Royal Prince / Royal Princess Your Royal HighnessSunfury SpireHereditary