Imperial Advisors are a secretive group of individuals who have no true political or appointment power, at least officially, but are there to advise the Emperor. They conduct most of their work in the shadows of the Empire maintaining a low profile while keeping an eye on the Emperor's highest officials like the Chancellors, Viceroys and High Councilors, while also keeping an eye on each other.

Several of the Imperial Advisors are well known such as Grand Master Yimo, and Ministers Melataren and Kiratanos, others maintain a more quiet position speaking only to the Emperor while keeping to their networks of informats and their own councils.

Imperial Advisors are sometimes seen with great distrust by the Chancellors who are the highest appointed leaders of the Empire. Since Imperial Advisors are only appointed by the Emperor and can only be removed by him, Chancellors see them as out of their jurisdiction to punish should they get out of line and thus worthy of contempt. Imperial Advisors are appointed on the basis of an unknown criteria, such as undying loyalty to the Emperor.

Imperial Advisors are also sometimes seen in various disquises, even in the lower ranks of the Emperor's military with their informants actively reporting back to the Emperor in situations where he cannot himself be present. They are also sometimes envoys for very special missions where the Emperor or even the Empire cannot be present such as opening negotiations with a new nation, secret Advisors are dispatched with a handful of Imperial Guard, to oversee these very careful diplomatic talks.

The Imperial Advisors may occasionally act in proxy to the Emperor. In situations where the Emperor is unable to rule, he will likely appoint an Imperial Advisor to oversee the Empire in his name.