Ildrathil Duskingdown is the governing queen of Elrdon. She is the second child of King Vestarion the second, and lives in the Elrdonian Royal Castle.

Queen Ildrathil Duskingdown




Elrdonian Elf

Social Status:

Regent Queen of Elrdon


Your Excellency, Her Majesty, Her Grace





Current Residence:

Elrdon Royal Castle

Ildrathil Duskingdown was originally not destined for the throne, her older brother Varlan was the chosen one. But when he died in an accident during the building of a new wing on the castle, Ildrathil was elected to take over the throne after her father. Ildrathil Duskingdown had always been a cunning and very sharp woman. Both in speech and intellect. She loved to sit on top of the Lighthouse on the roof of the palace and look out over the city and forest surrounding Elrdon. The light kept showing her new places every day, and she soon know every corner of her kingdom without having been there.

Once her father died, Ildrathil imediatelly ordered that a huge array of spies to be taught in foreign languages and the stealthy arts. Her spies, that came to be called the red legion after their red daggers, were sent out into the world to gather all information they could possibly get their hands on.

After a while, the spies returned and was sent out again. From the city of Darnassus came sketches of a great temple and maps of Teldrassil. From Stormwind returned a painting of Varian Wrynn and a detailed map of all human territories stolen from the archives. Orgrimmar sent samples of the earth and a model of Orgrimmar, from Thunderbluff was returned a totem and pieces of a bridge. From Gnomeregan and Ironforge came cogwheels and metal. None of this impressed Ildrathil, she knew how all of this worked. The real result came from Quel'Thalas. There were tales of a great pool of arcane energy that kept the Blood Elves strong and magical...

Queen Ildrathil was awakened in the middle of the night when the last spies returned from Silvermoon and eventually Quel'Danas. They brought paintings and information of the Sunwell and Silvermoon. Ildrathil was stunned, she knew none of this, but she would. She ordered that an extra large portion of the spies were to be sent to Silvermoon and the isle of Quel'Danas. The result of all this espionage ended in a copy of the Sunwell itself. It was hidden away from the public eye in the deeper reaches of the castle, and it was quietly observed with endless curiosity. This copy of the Sunwell was slightly different though, it functioned on Nature magic, and soon, the lands of the kingdom that used to be harsch wastelands, were marvelous rainforests and oases.

Ildrathil Duskingdown sits now in the Elrdon Royal Castle, and contemplates what knowledge to be stolen next, she seldom sits up in the Lighthouse anymore, as she wants to see more than what the light shows her.

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