The Grand Master of the Empire was the leader and head of the Imperial Masters. The position was created at the birth of the Silvermoon Empire and lasted into the Imperial Era.

Duties and responsibilitiesEdit

The Grand Master held meetings with the other Imperial Masters and deployed his agents throughout the Emprie's bureaucracy, government and military. They managed to keep watch and alert the Empire to any insurrections that were happening. They also gave him news regarding parts of the Empire that needed supplies or medical aid, so that the Emperor would be able to know where to deploy them.

The Grand Master held the position as chief intelligence officer, and thus was privy to direct audiences with the Emperor, and could bypass the authority of the Imperial Advisors and Chancellors, much to their annoyances.

The position of Grand Master truly was the creation of Grand Master Yimo. He took upon himself the decision to recruit his own group of Gnomes, who all were loyal to the Emperor and also to the Grand Master. Yimo managed to install his Imperial Masters throughout the Empire, and thus the Emperor made it an official position.