Expedition Armor

The Blood Sun Conquest, is the expedition that the Silvermoon Empire to Northrend. Like the Hand of Vengeance and the Horde Expedition, the Blood Sun Conquest was sent into Northrend for three main purposes: Unite with the Sunreavers in Dalaran, Defeat the Blue Dragonflight and Defeat the Lich King. There was a fourth purpose to the Blood Sun Conquest only known to the higher levels within the Silvermoon Empire: Learn the secrets of the Titan's vast power.

The Blood Sun Conquest's main base of operations is secretly in the Sunreaver Sanctum of Dalaran. There, the Silvermoon Empire has an "Embassy" of sorts which they use to conduct secret military and covert operations under the nose of the Kirin Tor and the Emperor's puppet, Archmage Aethas Sunreaver. Maneuvering the forces of the Empire into Northrend under the protection of the Kirin Tor, the Empire has managed to infiltrate the Sunreaver faction effectively using the Blood Sun Conquest to achieve their aims.

The EmpireEdit

The Blood Sun Conquest existed under Imperial Rule and was a detachment force for the Empire. The Blood Sun Conquest acts as a foreign legion for the Empire. It gives non-Imperial citizens a chance to fight for the Empire, but in addition it acts as a separate part of the Imperial Army, used when the Empire's main armies cannot attend to a situation.

The Blood Sun Conquest has seen combat in every theatre of war, and its members are amongst some of the most honored in the Empire, even despite not being Imperial Citizens.

The Blood Sun Conquest's uniforms are distinctive from the Empire's main armies, as it is known as the Expedition Gear.