Angelo Downfall






Blood Elf


Blood Knights, (formerly) Alliance of Lordearon

Character Class

Epic Paladin Warrior (WCRPG)


Blood Knight


Sunwell, Isle of Quel'Danas




Master Pyreanor (Adoptive Father), Champion Bachi (Cousin)


Angelo was a young, unexperienced paladin training as a Blood Knight under Master Pyreanor. He had potential but he was too young to understand that his future is at hand. He failed many tasks given by Lady Liadrin herself. She knew Angelo won't understand anything by firm word so she decided to force the light into him. When he was 10 Lady Liadrin took him to a strange building in Silvermoon, he didn't know what was waiting for him. Soon after; they entered a chamber with several Blood Knights including Master Pyreanor and Champion Bachi, they locked him into a rather small chamber with a sword and a shield in hand; he was about to face M'uru. He was frightened, M'uru started launching light bolts into the body of Angelo, he soon fel down but he didn't feel any pain at all. His body started glowling light, he heard the whispers of his master "Slice through the Naaru in order to gain the light of the Blood Elves", that is what he did. After he sliced through M'uru, of course since he was a kid M'uru didn't even feel it, he felt the light flowing through his body. The Blood Knights took him out of the chamber and locked M'uru once again. The next morning Lady Liadrin explained what happened, no longer could Angelo joke upon that subject, it was time to get serious. Lady Liadrin took him under her arm and trained him for 10 years. She then gave him his first armor. After that he joined the Blood Knight forces untill finally called a Blood Knight veteran and dispached into Azeroth.

Aquiring the SunbringerEdit

During his travels through Azeroth Angelo had spotted some sort of village tournament. Peasants fighting to the death for a sword, the Sunbringer, aparentlly a goblin named Shizza was organising this. At first he didn't want to join it but he couldn't say no either so he joined the tournament, he would of worked his way to the sword by defeating every single peasant but not killing them. Once he had the sword he felt like nothing could stop me.

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